George S Patton once said, “if everyone is thinking alike… then someone isn’t thinking.”

Encourage your team to think outside of the box- or possibly on an entirely different plane- with these events designed to stimulate creative thought and push limits that you never knew existed! The following programs promote leadership skills, cooperation, strategy and tenacity needed to exceed in the work force. Each event takes up to two hours, are appropriate for all group sizes and are available all year round (weather permitting).

Woodloch’s Scavenger Hunt
The game is on, dear Watson…
Your team works to find as many items on “our most wanted list” as well as navigate to achieve the big bonus, in a limited amount of time. Solve the riddles, complete the puzzles and your team will be in the running for the grand prize.

Boat Building
Land-lubbers beware!
What does it take to stay afloat? Your team has 45 minutes to put your materials and ideas together, design, build and sail your watercraft. The teams will be judged according to enthusiasm and creativity, in addition to the buoyancy and overall design of their boat. The competition will culminate by testing the speed and “seaworthiness” of the crafts in an actual race!

Beer Marketing Challenge
Quench your thirst for success!
(Soda Company or Flavored Water Company alternatives)
The CEO of the company you work for has purchased a failing brewery. They have chosen your creative team to come up with a new beer product that gets the failing company back in the game. Have a taste test, choose your product, name it, and market it using a new commercial campaign, written and presented by your team.

Bridge Building
Build up and over your limitations!
Test your “engineering skills!” Can your team build a bridge strong enough to withstand heavy weights? Your team must design and build a bridge within a 50-minute window using supplies that are, well, a little out of the ordinary. Once the bridges are complete they will be put to the test. Will your bridge stay strong or fall to pieces?

Chain Reaction
Dominate with dominoes!
One of the greatest kid past times is staying in on a rainy day and taking every domino in the house and making one really cool chain! In this event, your teams will be challenged to make a creative chain reaction out of dominoes, mouse traps, plastic cups, straws and bundles of other interesting items! Each team will not only work on their own chain, but they will also attach to the competitions chain to allow for one amazing display of hard work and genius!