Adventure is OUT THERE!

Woodloch offers plenty of action-packed events for your corporate retreat! Spark a competitive fire under your crew and push them to new heights!


Woodloch’s Olympic Games

United under one flag,  lead your “country” to Olympic gold through trials and tribulations of several relay style events. OFFERED ALL YEAR LONG!

The Amazing Race

This mentally challenging and physically rigorous event is not recommended for the faint of heart. This signature Woodloch event can be customized for your group.  Search our 135 acres as you battle other teams to reach each checkpoint and complete a variety of challenging objectives.

Archery Tag

Archery Tag is played similar to dodgeball with bows and patented foam-tipped arrows. Instead of throwing dodge balls at each other you actually attempt to hit targets on the other team with the foam-tipped arrows. It is an action packed game that is great for any group looking for a competitive event!

*Chef’s Point of View… Experience life in the “white hat”!

A last minute cocktail party has been requested at the award-winning Woodloch Pines Resort and your team of chefs are responsible for making it happen. Your challenge is to create an original, cost effective, delicious cocktail party all within a specific time frame and utilizing only the supplied ingredients. The perk to this game? The party is for you! Dig in and enjoy the finished goods! Add an open bar to complement this event **(additional fee applies)

Cupcake Wars & Take the Cake

Assemble your troops– this is WAR!!!

Armed with cupcakes (a cake is provided for Take the Cake), sprinkles, icing, assorted goodies, and your own creativity, you must enter into battle with your bakery to win! Decorate your cupcakes or cake to fit our mystery theme while utilizing the secret ingredients! Losing is not an option soldier! Do I make myself clear!? Sir, yes, sir!

Minute it To Win it

This is our version of the popular TV show on NBC! All of the games that your group will be playing can actually be played with standard items found around the house. These are non athletic, yet challenging games that your group must complete in less than two minutes!

Top Shot

Ready… aim… FIRE!

The event will you teach you how to use a weapon and will test your aim. Five stations will be setup for your group: 1.) Rifle Range, 2.) Archery, 3.) Sling Shot or Rock Throwing, 4.) Trap Shoot, 5.) Paintball. Different challenges will be presented for each station and the team with the most points overall will win a Woodloch gold medal! Ammunition provided!

Bar Games

Been in meetings all day long and looking to unwind with a little late night fun? Come and join us for Bar Games! Assemble your team and try your luck at some classic drinking games while enjoying your very own house DJ!

Ultimate Woodloch Games

Woodloch’s “greatest hits” all rolled up into one incredible game! Spin the “Wheel of Destiny” and play lightning rounds of Name That Tune, Minute to Win It, Woodloch Feud and The Movie Game. Just try not to spin a “penalty.”