ACHIEVE your goals… and leave your mark on the community!


What’s better than spending time together, bonding and having fun? How about GIVING BACK to the community WHILE you do it! “Corporate Responsibility” sounds so daunting when, in fact, it can actually be a joy! Unite the team, spark some competition and participate in these events that will not only challenge your team to creatively collaborate but also spread cheer through the community.

Woodloch offers four seasons of Corporate Responsibility events to help your organization leave its mark on the community- everybody WINS!


Rally the unions and get those cranes in good working order- we’ve got some work to do!

Woodloch’s newest charitable teambuilding activity leaves your construction crew with the task of “can-structing” buildings, bridges or other structures using nothing more than perishable food good cans and boxes. Make sure your engineer carried the one- because our city inspectors will only reward stable structures with the coveted gold medals!

And best of all- every last package of food used in this event will be donated to a local food bank. It’s a great new way to leave your mark on society!

The Benevolent Bike Build

It’s a Woodloch Scavenger Hunt… with a higher purpose. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and gather your treasures as a team (tasks may vary in difficulty at the discretion of the planner). Your buried treasure will consist of pieces to a bicycle(s) that the whole group must then assemble. Once the bike is built, local children will come to Woodloch to receive the bikes (or Woodloch can deliver bikes to local schools/churches) so you can witness the difference that you are making in these children’s lives. Once the bikes have been built they are donated to under privileged children in the community.

Woodloch Community Olympics

Teamwork and cooperation are critical to this event. Work together and take advantage of the variety of talents within your group, for you are only as strong as your weakest link. In Woodloch’s Olympic Games you can lead your “country” to Olympic gold! Choose from over 100 possible events to create a unique Olympic experience for your group. Sponsor a local school or charity to come and join your team to compete for the medal and admire the faces you’ve put a big smile upon. Give children and/or charities a day of positive reinforcement, fun and exercise!


Calling all animal lovers!

Here is a great way to have a fun filled afternoon while also helping a local animal shelter! In our Com-“PET”-Tition, teams will be given a list of objectives that they must attempt. Upon completion of each objective, the teams will be given a pet friendly item which will go into a Puppy Pack Starter Kit! The first team to complete all objectives and put all items in their Puppy Pack will win the coveted Woodloch gold medal! After the event is over, all finished Puppy Packs will be donated to Dessin Animal Shelter. When a pet is adopted, the owners will also receive one of the Puppy Pack Starter

Kits to help the new family get off on the right foot!