At Woodloch we pride ourselves on our high standards of hospitality and our wide array of teambuilding activities. We are proud to offer these group events to assist in creating or strengthening the bond between your group members.

While some challenges find their emphasis in rigorous brainstorming and group presentations, others are physically strenuous and focus more on group cooperation and racing against the clock. Still others allow for individual creativity, the sharing of interests and the discovery of talents.


Encourage your team to think outside of the box- or possibly on an entirely different plane- with these events designed to stimulate creative thought and push limits that you never knew existed! The following programs promote leadership skills, cooperation, strategy and tenacity needed to exceed in the work force.


What’s better than spending time together, bonding and having fun? How about GIVING BACK to the community WHILE you do it! “Corporate Responsibility” sounds so daunting when, in fact, it can actually be a joy!


Woodloch offers plenty of action-packed events for your corporate retreat! Spark a competitive fire under your crew and push them to new heights!


Let’s just forget all that paperwork. As  a company, let’s just relax and enjoy each other’s… company.