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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds What better way to have a Woodloch Corporate Meeting than with the Zoom App and some well designed virtual backgrounds? Download one of the Woodloch picture or video options below. Once you have your Zoom Meeting in progress, find a solid background. A high contrast wall works best. If it's [...]

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You’re Overdue For A Nature Break

 You’re Overdue for a Much Needed Nature Break  These are very difficult times for all of us. The world as we knew it changed suddenly, and many of the day-to-day activities we took for granted (and rarely gave much thought to) disappeared almost instantly. While we navigate these dark uncharted waters together, many of us are finding brightness in new places. With heavy [...]

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ReBOOT: Tips for Job Search

ReBOOT: Tips and Pointers for the Unexpected Midlife Job Search As the clock struck 12 this past New Year’s Eve, so many of us joyfully celebrated the new “roaring 20’s.” As with almost every New Year, many of us tend to look at things optimistically, as a new calendar year represents a metaphorical [...]

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Soul Power Yoga

Soul Power Yoga Session Soul Power Sisters: Annually for the last 10 years, sisters and yoga educators, Cristal and Pooja have led their yoga retreat at Woodloch exploring self care, empowerment and community.  As working moms, Cristal and Pooja know the struggle to find time for wellness and want [...]

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Balancing Work and Life

Balancing Work and Life Cheats, hacks, and good ol’ common sense to help you make it all somehow work. Remember when you used to tell your parents that you felt sick in hopes they would let you miss school and then they would respond with the dreaded “go get some fresh air”? [...]

Balancing Work and Life2020-06-08T20:39:18+00:00
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